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On Purpose Now brand identity in white and red.

Stop seeking.
Start practicing.

Scaling a successful coaching brand beyond its magnetic founder with a new brand strategy and brand identity.

Mike Valentine was already a successful executive coach and leader with more than 30,000 hours developing top leaders across industries, helping them to find the clarity, focus, and direction that enables them to live their lives with passion and intensity. Now he was ready to scale his brand to reach a wider audience.

He wanted to level up his personal coaching brand so that it was ready to deploy across products and services, including the new Life Game on Purpose app, and help him to ultimately achieve his prime directive: positively impacting a million lives with his unique approach to empowering people to live every day with intention, On Purpose Now.

On Purpose Now Brand Positioning — Mike Valentine — Founder of coaching brand.



On Purpose Now Brand Positioning — 2 adults practicing yoga daily.

Daily Practice


On Purpose Now Brand Positioning — hand holding glass sphere in front of the ocean and sunset to show clarity and focus.

Clarity & Focus


On Purpose Now Brand Positioning — Fearless man bungee jumping into water.




We leveraged our 90-Day Brand AcceleratorTM process to set the strategic decision filters for the brand, including a brand personality that allowed Mike’s essence to come alive across the brand, capturing his voice, tone, and spirit. We articulated the customer-centric benefits of engagement with a brand promise that was the ultimate outcome from engaging with his powerful, personal daily practice: “Discovering your essential self.” These filters would guide all expressions of the brand across products and services, digital and physical environments, to guide a consistent but scalable total brand experience.

We then used the new brand platform to guide the visual expression, including a new identity and look-and-feel for the coaching brand. The new brand identity, look, feel, voice, and key messages played out across his website, social media, presentation materials, event graphics, and email templates. We also brought new clarity and brand distinction to his On Purpose Now life application tools, including physical and digital worksheets and a Life Game on Purpose app.


The new identity, look, feel, and voice has been deployed across all On Purpose Now assets, including a new line of On Purpose Now clothing and gear. The Life Game on Purpose is currently in beta testing and will launch sometime in 2023.

Adding a color to deepen brand storytelling.

Mike was committed to his existing red, black, and white color palette. So we added a gorgeous sky blue to add depth, dimension, flexibility, and a sense of optimism to the palette. Most importantly, the new “clarity blue” signaled the centering, focus, and clarity of thought, energy, and action that engagement with On Purpose Now and its powerful, personal daily practice brings to everyday life.

Young, excited woman in red sweatshirt and sunglasses walking down the road with snowy mountains behind her.
On Purpose Now blue brand iconography of a heart, shield, and location pin.

“I honestly never would have believed it if someone had told me brand work will increase your sense of clarity, focus, and direction all across your business and life. You will increase the ability to make effective decisions, lead your team, and sell your services by 30-50% … yet that is what happened with the masterful support of Cheryl, Cristina, and their experts. The value they have added to my lifework and business is priceless. They delivered 90% more than I expected or imagined — and so much was what I did not know that I didn’t know. They are true masters.”

Mike Valentine
On Purpose Now


Empty road leading to snowy mountains with grass on both sides.

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