Professional woman confidently looking at the camera with lights out of focus in the background and signature line graphics.
Vendavo brand identity in white and green.

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Building a new brand positioning, brand identity, and brand culture to transform a legacy SAP partner into a game-changing global leader.

In 2019, B2B price optimization solution provider Vendavo made major moves to expand its capabilities and reach by acquiring two firms: Swedish price-optimization experts Navetti and Dallas-based CPQ solution provider Endeavor Commerce. These acquisitions transformed a legacy SAP partner into a global SaaS-based organization with customers around the world and presence in eight countries on three continents overnight.

Our challenge was to create a unified brand that would be embraced inside and outside the organization and position Vendavo as the leading AI-enabled price optimization technology platform partner, providing the world’s largest and most powerful manufacturing brands an undeniable competitive edge. “If all we get is a prettier PowerPoint template, we’ve failed,” the CMO told us.

Vendavo Brand Positioning — A collage of confident and professional men and women looking at the camera.



Vendavo Brand Positioning —Point of View of race car driver about to take off.

Speed & Agility


Vendavo Brand Positioning —Two men working together while writing notes on a transparent wall.



Vendavo Brand Positioning —Confident woman with her arms crossed feeling self assured and looking at the camera.


Emotional Benefit

Vendavo brand identity — showing the former logos and how they were strategically combined to make the new Vendavo logo.


The key to success was a three-part approach that included:

  • Unifying the previously separate entities, products, services, and team under one master brand identity, rallying cry, and purpose — the NEW Vendavo — by leveraging a stepwise engagement and team-building process that carefully built consensus across global stakeholders both old and new.
  • Partnering with the Chief People Officer to set new brand values and a strong, brand-driven corporate culture that united, excited, and motivated the integrated global team and would magnetize the best and brightest new employees as the brand worked to expand around the world.
  • Repositioned the brand to transform perceptions of Vendavo from a slow-moving legacy ERP solution provider to a nimble, forward-thinking, market-leading global SaaS partner to change brand perceptions and drive dramatic revenue growth.


SIGNAL helped Vendavo launch their newly positioned brand in July 2019. In February 2020, Vendavo reported that Q4 2019 had been the company’s second-best quarter ever, and SaaS revenue grew by 79% in 2019. Vendavo continues its dramatic global expansion and growth, outpacing the industry in revenue growth (33%) and retention (97%) in 2021. The company continues its dramatic growth, adding more than 120 positions in 2022 alone, with new global offices coming online in 2023.

Global consensus building.

Our listening and insights process was designed to gather international insights and create consensus among stakeholder teams across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. for confident approval by the leadership team.

Best of both worlds.

The new Vendavo visual and verbal expression reflects the bold size and strength of the original Vendavo organization with the speed and agility of the newly acquired Navetti and Endeavor CPQ, inviting customers to unleash their true market potential.

Vendavo previously branded presentation graphics and promotional materials including business cards and letterhead.

“With more than 20 years in various marketing roles, [this] project with SIGNAL has been one of the most seamless, insightful, and truly collaborative experiences of my career. Cheryl, Cristina, and the entire team at SIGNAL have been the guiding light for process, analysis, strategy, and 360º development of our future brand vision.

They are truly experts at what they do who are flexible, thorough, and delightfully collaborative, and who have delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Ambur Cole

Former Director, Global Marketing Programs

Vendavo branded materials collage including letterhead, business cards, and presentation slides.
Vendavo brand guidelines and look and feel collage.

Contagious enthusiasm.

Brand roll out and universal employee training aligned the international team and inspired them to be brand champions in all they show, say, and do.

Creating a global culture.

A series of environmental installations were developed in partnership with Vendavo’s Chief People Officer to embed and facilitate values education, culture building, and team integration into each of Vendavo’s five global headquarters.

Vendavo values wall with table and chairs.
Vendavo brand identity in white.

“We’ve often reflected back on the work we did with SIGNAL as truly foundational to transforming our culture. We’ll always be grateful for their guidance and thought leadership. Plus, it was really fun!”

Kristin Thielking

Chief People Officer

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