Thousandfold's new brand identity featured on an image signaling the adventuring spirit from the Thousandfold brand storytelling. The image shows two individuals adventuring across the foothills looking out over the water.
Thousandfold's new brand identity in white and ombre of red, orange, and gold.

Live the Life You were Made For.

Equipping a category leader to successfully launch a new global movement with powerful brand storytelling, brand architecture, and a new customer journey.

Halftime is a global leader in programs for high-performing leaders of influence to reimagine the next act of their lives. Program alumni around the world had strongly positive feelings for the brand but tended to disengage after their program was complete as there was no mechanism for a continued relationship.

Halftime was ready to move beyond being a program provider. They wanted to come alongside their large, passionate, and currently underleveraged alumni base to equip, support, and connect them as they took on the lifetime journey of living out their purpose. This new commitment would also add to the value proposition for new program participants at Halftime hubs around the world.

Even more importantly, Halftime’s leadership believed there was transformative power in rallying and connecting purpose-driven, high-performing leaders of influence in a global movement-minded community of change makers. They now had the technology platform and vision to do it. But a critical question remained: How do you create a fundamental shift in perceptions from trusted institution to global movement without sacrificing brand trust and equity?

Thousandfold Brand Positioning — Man looking up and to the right — He has been awakened to smoldering discontent.



Thousandfold Brand Positioning — Four people stand with their arms around each other looking towards the light as a community of calling-driven individuals determined to support, lift up, and amplify the unique callings of each of its members.



Thousandfold Brand Positioning — Man looking out over the valley with the sun looking over the mountains.



Thousandfold Brand Positioning — Group hiking through the mountains together — driven not by reaching their destination, but by the journey of the movement itself.

Joyful Adventure


Thousandfold brand identity shown in multiple color formats.


The SIGNAL team worked with Halftime leadership to develop a new brand architecture and customer journey for Halftime that kept the core brand focused on the bread-and-butter programs that the organization is known for; they would serve as “on ramps” to engagement into the new global community.

We then created a new global community brand to represent the global network and movement: Thousandfold. With its own distinct-yet-complementary positioning, value proposition, and engagement model, Thousandfold was built to extend the Halftime program journey into a lifetime of meaningful connection and impactful engagement.


Launched in late 2022, Thousandfold launched to widely positive feedback from global alumni and reached its initial enrollment goals faster than expected.

A new name for a game-changing movement.

When choosing a new name for the global movement, it was essential to communicate its visionary impact and reach. The name Thousandfold is “Hundredfold” to the power of ten. Every Halftime hub in the Thousandfold community creates its own unique “hundredfold” yield from seed falling on good soil (referencing the biblical parable in Mark 4:20). Together, as a diverse yet aligned global collective, Thousandfold has exponential power to change the world.

The name also suggests the sense of belonging that comes with being “in the fold” when you become a Thousandfold member.

Thousandfold customer journey represented graphically on a billboard with the brand tagline — "All we offer is the power to change y(our) world."

Setting a new customer journey.

Critical to the success of the new Thousandfold community was clearly establishing its relationship with the parent Halftime brand. Halftime remained the localized provider of programming to help individuals get started on a lifetime of purpose fulfillment, while Thousandfold represented the global community of high-capacity leaders living out their purpose to create real impact. Thus, Thousandfold was the natural continuation of any Halftime program. This was a major evolutionary step for Halftime.

Halftime brand identity shown in white.

“We simply could not have accomplished our goals without SIGNAL’s help.  We had a lofty vision to accomplish that required a brand overhaul and new brand launch at the same time.  We are in a much greater position to make this vision a reality resulting from this effort. … We are thrilled with the results from this.”

Jim Stollberg

Co-Executive Director

A new website to tell a new story.

The new website needed to establish global credibility for a bold new vision while tapping into a trusted legacy. We created a website for Thousandfold that told a truly motivating launch story, one that would both call Halftime alumni back “into the fold” in a way they could trust and magnetize new audiences of high-capacity leaders to tap into a calling that was bigger — and more impactful — than the life they were already living.

Thousandfold website featuring their brand storytelling and customer journey.
Halftime brand identity shown in white.

“The discovery and insight process that the SIGNAL team led us through was unparalleled. By asking the right questions from the right people — both inside and outside our sphere of influence — their team helped us uncover unbiased perceptions of our organization. We were able to grasp the depth and breadth of our existing brand equity, which helped us make informed decisions about how to build the bridge to our next step.”

Alyssa Heffley

Marketing Manager

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